Sunday, 12 January 2014

"sohrai" a fest of cattle and harvest

The tribal community of santhals just celebrated "Sohrai" the festival of cattle and harvest

tough sorhrai is celebrated by sathals in week of Diwali

but some in jharkhand and west bengal aslo celebrate it in month of Janurary

sohrai followed by dashai ( a santhal fest in dusshera) is a festival of worshiping cattles (cow,buffalo..)

at the morning men take cattle to graze

meanwhile the women in houses decorte the home

the cattles at the evening are warmly welcomed

horns and hoofs of cattle are marked "tikka" with oil diluted sindur

at eve-night people of village get together to dance

known as "lagdhe ainey" it is a form of traditional dance

unlike dashai ainey(dance) which is men-only dance ritual

in sohrai all men women can dance together

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